Photo of Jha D Amazi

Design excellence should be defined by the impact a project (through all phases; conception, construction and occupancy) has on the quality of life of those who experience the space.

Jha D Amazi

Senior Associate
Boston, MA, USA

Jha D is a Senior Associate and Co-Director of the Public Memory and Memorials Design Lab. As a Project Manager, she has contributed to the Gun Violence Memorial Project, Franklin Park Action Plan, and Kendall School Division II Memorial. Before joining MASS, she worked as a Designer at Sasaki Associates for four years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Northeastern University and her Master of Architecture I from the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to pursuing her graduate degree, she taught design studios at the Boston Architectural College. Outside of architecture, Jha D is a spoken word artist, event producer and overall SpaceMaker for the LGBTQ+ communities of color.