Photo of Samson Niyigirimbabazi

I believe that architecture leads communities to be creative and innovative.

Samson Niyigirimbabazi

Manager, Finance and Accounting
Kigali, Rwanda

Samson joined MASS in 2012 to help with office operations in Rwanda.  In December of 2014 Samson began working as an Accounting Intern for MASS’s Mubuga Primary School, while he sought a degree in Finance from Kigali Independent University.  Following that, Samson became a Finance Fellow where he helped with managing accounts on projects and supporting MASS’s Operations and Development work. Since July of 2016 he has served as a Finance and Accounting Jr. Associate. With his experience and history with MASS, he plays an important role in the office and in supporting MASS to achieve its company goals. Samson recently garnered his Masters Degree in Finance from Kigali Independent University.