Munini District Hospital

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Munini, Nyaruguru District, Rwanda

Beginning in 2012, MASS worked with the Rwandan Ministry of Health to develop a set of hospital design standards to improve health outcomes that could be adapted to the specific needs of each District’s context, demographics, and programmatic requirements. Soon after, MASS designed the Munini District Hospital, a 300-bed facility in Rwanda’s Nyaruguru District, to pilot these design standards in one of Rwanda’s most remote districts. The hospital is currently under construction, and is scheduled to open in late 2020.

To adapt the plan to a relatively condensed site, the facility’s three building bars are bent in accordance with the natural contours of the site and are strategically opened up to allow prevailing winds to pass through the buildings. These bars are connected by bridges, and define a central courtyard and garden space providing areas for rest and visitation for both the patients and their families.

The facility reduces the spread of disease through natural ventilation systems, isolated services, and improved access to hand-washing stations. Patient, staff, and visitor flow are optimized to minimize overlap with at-risk patients. The hospital also uses exterior corridors, further limiting the risk of airborne transmission. The building’s largest program – private rooms and open wards – are each set back from the building’s face to provide dedicated balconies, shading, and outdoor space throughout the facility.

The primary entrance to the hospital is a landscaped path that provides multiple places for open air seating to combat infection, and green-spaces to provide a tranquil, healing environment. Emergency services are vertically separated from reception to allow for ease of flows across the emergency room, operations suite, intensive care unit, imaging, and post-op areas – each connected by a bridge that links the three bars of the buildings at the core of its operations.


Project Details

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Location: Munini, Nyaruguru District, Southern Province, Rwanda

Year: 2022

Status: Completed

Size: 14,400 sq. m.

Program: A 300-bed hospital that will pilot Rwanda's updated national hospital design standards

Services: Project Accompaniment, Architectural Design, Landscape Design and Master Planning

Government of Rwanda